3110•08 Week Two

Thor’s most wanted… Hero or Villain?

The man who some would call hero whilst others would call villain, left Hammer Station this week.  Captain Siegfried of the Botany Bay left a large pile of equipment stacked on the dock under armed guard.  It is believed he called in a personal favour to arrange, this but given he is the man largely responsible for putting King Hammer back on his throne we assume he has them to spare!  Before he left for parts unknown however, it seems he started the process of interviewing for replacements for the casualties sustained in the battle.

An arrival this week at Hammer station was Captain Psi of the Colibri.  She got to see first hand the state of the station following the hostilities and, if reports are to be believed, was lucky enough to find one of her crew who had been missing.  However, that person, like so many others, is alive thanks only to the skill and dedication of the station’s medical staff.  Whilst we’re on the subject of Captain Psi, reports have been coming in that the Colibri has had a major engine overhaul, to the point where she may well be the fastest ship in the Nebula.

There was another arrival, in the form of Captain Jasmine Darkstar and the FreeTrader Nova Storm.  If rumours are to be believed, she was granted an audience with King Jarlsberg to thank her for her part in the fight to liberate Hammer station and the Thor system.  That said, he is also believed to have asked her a favour, such is the way of the politician we suppose!

The Attraction of Nibelung…

A late arrival this week on Nibelung was Captain Minahachi Manekineko and the One True Photon.  They arrived just at the end of the week, after a flight from the Balder System; however they seem fully loaded with both cargo and passengers so we wait to see with interest how well the good captain does with these contracts.

Another arrival, slightly earlier in the week, at Nibelung was the FreeTrader Challenger under the command of Captain Flint.  It arrived from Midgardium specifically to deliver a contract, which it did with alacrity.  The good captain then seemed to be looking for something or someone; but, as we understand it, he was unsuccessful at this time.

Indeed Nibelung seems a popular port this week, as a third FreeTrader to end the week there was the Enkidu under Captain Gunnar Ingolsson.  He landed early in the week and then set about some business dealings; however, it seems that the local scuttlebutt on Nibelung has the Enkidu down as a capable ship with a capable captain.   Whilst we obviously agree wholeheartedly with this assessment, we are also curious as to what has caused it at a local level.  Maybe time will tell.

The Galacticus meanwhile, has been on Nibelung all week and it seems that, apart from a successful party for the crew, Captain Zillion has little else to show for it currently.  We wonder if the good captain is finding the Nebula somewhat of a daunting challenge and wonder whether there are any established FreeTrader captains who might be persuaded to give the new guy on the block a hand?

Elsewhere in the Nebula…

On Freedom1 meanwhile, Captain Horatio McCallister has been a very busy boy!  He has been buying and selling equipment, looking for new crew and applying for contracts.  Obviously he has been fitting some of the new equipment which we are led to believe is mainly defensive systems, however we do wonder whether it was in anticipation of the contract he was after?

This week saw once more the return to Hugin of the FreeTrader Estelle.  Captain Quen must be a glutton for punishment as he was first delayed in landing and then subjected to the most intense search and inspection.  This resulted in him receiving the largest on the spot fine ever given in the Nebula.  We expected violence to erupt at this point, but somehow Captain Quen kept control of not only his own emotions but kept his crew in check too.  Confidential sources tell us they are sick to the back teeth of being treated in this way and we have to say we can understand how they feel.

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