3110•08 Week Three

Hammer Struggling…

The Botany Bay returned this week to Hammer Station and Captain Siegfried saw for himself how the station is struggling to regain its former capabilities.  Langhammer supporters sabotaged many key systems, once it became clear the station had fallen.  Added to this is the fact that the numbers of wounded have stretched the Station’s facilities to breaking point, whilst at the same time lowering the capabilities of other areas as they are all short of experienced staff.  King Jarlsberg is said to be driving himself and his men to the brink of exhaustion in order to get things sorted, but it is proving to be more of an uphill battle then he had hoped! None of this has been helped by the sudden navigation hazard of a debris field on the  approach o the station which scavengers are even now devouring!

An early departure from Hammer Station this week was FreeTrader Nova Storm captained by the enigmatic Jasmine Darkstar.  Having apparently had a private audience with King Jarlsberg last week, we are led to believe she has volunteered to take on a mercy mission to a nearby planet in order to replenish the station’s sorely depleted food stocks.  Given the amount of equipment and cargo stripped out of her before she left, it would appear that no space was considered too small to hold food. At this time though, all we can tell you is Hammer Station eagerly awaits her return.

Another FreeTrader involved in relief work for Hammer Station, is the Colibri under Captain Psi.  During the first part of the week, some hasty trading took place so she could create room in her hold for some of the Valkyrie fallen.  These, along with as many wounded as she could carry, were loaded aboard so that the Colibri could take them to Welcome Station.  It is believed, but unconfirmed, that she will be returning with a hold full of medical supplies and personnel.  Thankfully that is not all the help for Hammer, at the end of the week the jump gate from Midgard blossomed and the Federation Naval Hospital Ship Pasteur arrived in the company of a couple of fleet support vessels.  They are here, we are led to believe, under the direction of Governor Adams to help with the situation on Hammer Station.

Mundane Midgard?

It seems that Captain Zillion of the Galacticus has a knack for upsetting people!  If rumour is to be believed, he made the unfortunate error of sticking his nose into business on Nibelung that had nothing to do with him and that resulted in his being mugged on his return to the ship.  Overall we feel this is a week the good Captain would wish to forget sooner rather than later!

Another Captain who started the week on Nibelung was Captain Minahachi Manekineko of the FreeTrader One True Photon.  He started the week delivering a very profitable cargo and then replacing it with goods, before taking off and arriving in Midgardium to end the week there.

Nibelung also witnessed the departure of Captain Flint and his ship the FreeTrader Challenger.  Stories are starting to come in from an aggrieved merchant on Nibelung, that Captain Flint took advantage of a domestic misunderstanding to leave the planet with a hull full of Consumer electronics that he had not paid for!  Obviously we cannot let the good name of the Guild and our members be slandered for no good reason, so had some contacts in the local security forces check the story out.  It would appear that the trader in question was getting far too friendly with Captain Flint’s attractive female communications officer, at least as far as the trader’s wife was concerned!  So the good woman appeared during these negotiations and remonstrated most severely with her husband who quickly ushered the puzzled captain and his communications officer out.  It wasn’t until later that the trader realised that he had failed to get the good captain to pay and by the time he remembered, the Challenger had left orbit!


Elsewhere in the Midgard System, Captain McCallister and the FreeTrader Yarr finished their armament upgrade and, if reports are to be believed, left for the troubled Balder System .  We wish you good luck Captain McCallister.

Another captain in desperate need of some good luck is Captain Quen of the FreeTrader Estelle.  Searched and fine again on Hugin so we hear, it has now left there for parts unknown.

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