3110•08 Week Four

Hammer Slowly Picking up the Pieces.

It was a surprisingly quiet week this week for the newly made Thane of Bilskirnir; our very own Captain Siegfried of the Botany Bay.  A press release from King Jarlsberg of Hammer announced that the FreeTrader Captain had been chosen to fill the position of Thane of Bilskirnir following the death of his former officer Ragnar Blackmane during the fighting on Hammer Station.  surprisingly there was no word on who would now become the Thane of Mjollnir as Captain Siegfried has to relinquish that post to accept the new one.

The aftermath of that fighting is still being repaired, not only to the hull of the Botany Bay which spent all week being repaired, but on the station injuries are still being treated and now food is also running short.  Still help is on hand thanks not only to the federation Navy Hospital and support vessels, but members of the FreeTraders Guild like Captain Darkstar of the Nova Storm who has just completed an emergency food run to Thrudheim and back for the benefit of the Stations Population.  She even refused to charge for her time.

Captain Darkstar we applaud you.

 The Nova Storm on departure from Thrudheim.

Nebula News Nibbles…

A surprise arrival at Freedom1 this week was the self-proclaimed saviour of the Thor system, Captain Johnny Alpha and his ship the Strontium Dog.  It has to be said that the Dog has seen better days, but given the vast amount in Pirate bounties that Captain Alpha has collected it should not be too long before his ship is restored to former glories or replaced altogether!  However, to be fair to the good captain, when he is in good fortune he does share it around.  He went so far this time as to spend a not inconsiderable sum buying a round not only for his own crew, but everyone else within the Starside Bar.  He was then persuaded to tell his tale of fighting in the Thor system by his devoted crew and, whilst we could not possibly repeat some of his claims, we will say that his reputation and standing on the station increased as a result of it!

Over on the planet Nibelung, Captain Zillion of the Galacticus spent a dedicated week securing an open contract and getting to know the local and some of its inhabitants.  For once it would appear he managed to do this without upsetting anyone!

Sadly the same could not be said of Captain Issacs and the crew of the Second Chance!  After spending half a week in the bar, trouble with the locals was perhaps unavoidable and given the unfair distribution of numbers the result was sadly predictable.  A large number of the Second Chance’s crew had to go to local medical centres to get stitched up again, whilst Captain Issacs had to foot a heavy bill for fines, bail and compensation.  An experience no doubt that he won’t be keen to repeat any time soon.

Meanwhile the One True Photon under Captain Minahachi Manekineko started the week on Midgardium where he did some brisk business before departing for Halfdan to deposit some settlers and their luggage to complete a contract.  However, rumours abound that once again the good captain has misplaced his ship’s feline mascot!

A worrying piece of news from Freya seems to have been the rough re-entry of the FreeTrader Colibri to normal space; so rough in fact that Captain Psi was forced to immediately stop to effect repairs.  In deed there does seem to be something happening in the hyperspace lanes as we have had other reports of incidents, we will of course bring you more news as it becomes available but until then please take care.

Another Captain visiting Welcome Station is the enigmatic Captain Cobb of the FreeTrader Serendipity.  He has by all accounts been busy doing repairs and seeing the sights on what is believed to be his first visit to the station; that said it is also thought to have been a profitable visit for the Serendipity.

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