3110•09 Week One

Nefarious Nibelung!

We have been advised that the FreeTrader Second Chance, under the command of Captain Ozzie Issacs, has been the latest ship to suffer the loss of crew whilst spending time in Nibelung Spaceport.  We offer our condolences to him and his crew, although Nibelung authorities deny there is anything amiss, claiming it is probably just nothing more than over enthusiastic celebrations or perhaps they have been unhappy with Captain Issacs and have taken the opportunity to jump ship.  We would simply point out that Nibelung must be the most attractive spaceport in the Nebula then, given how it happens here so much more than anywhere else?  Apart from that incident however, the good captain and his crew spent a profitable week trading and equipping the Second Chance.

Meanwhile in Freya…

On Welcome Station, our correspondent informs us that Captain Cobb of the FreeTrader Serendipity has had a week of mixed fortunes.  He apparently managed some repairs, but could not find some new crew he was seeking.  However, he was seen browsing for bric-a-brac before returning to his favourite watering hole on this most hospitable of places.  Indeed, it would seem his fortunes are maybe changing, as come the end of the week he was awarded a contract to transport 10 Sisters of Freya and some cargo to Freedom1.  With that many sisters onboard, he is sure to have some fun completing that contract!

A new arrival to the station this week, after a fraught hyperspace transit, is the FreeTrader Colibri under the command of Captain Psi.  They arrived to a hero’s welcome as they returned wounded and fallen from Hammer Station to Welcome. However, the turn around should not be long as they are immediately filling up again with medical supplies as well as a few personal items the good captain has acquired.

Elsewhere in the Nebula…

It would appear after last weeks celebration, that Captain Johnny Alpha and the crew of the Strontium Dog finally got around to the serious business of repairing some of the damage recently sustained in the battle for Hammer Station.  Whilst it cannot be said that the Strontium Dog is fully repaired, she certainly seems a lot less likely to lose random bits!  The only other addition of note is that the Strontium Dog seems to have a new Security Officer aboard.  We cannot help but wonder whether her infamous captain is preparing for another of his nefarious expeditions?

Over in the Hammer system, we are reliably told that Captain Siegfried and the crew of the Botany Bay are also busy with the tools; although in their case it is not so much repair, as a complete rip out and refit of equipment as they seek to put recent scavenging after the battle to best use.  Certainly, this is a lot more boring than the Botany Bay likes things, but we all have to do maintenance from time to time.

Another FreeTrader who seems rarely to have boring times is Captain Jasmine Darkstar of the Nova Storm.  She delivered sufficient foodstuffs to the station to avert the impending crisis.  We are reliably informed that the normal delivery runs should be able to compensate now.  However, Captain Darkstar is never one to rest on her laurels and after a swift bit of business and a quick refit, she loaded with the last of the Freyan wounded and dead, and set off to return them to their own system.  We wish this tireless crew good luck on yet another mission of mercy.


Back in the Midgard system, a late arrival in the week on Midgardium was Captain Gunnar Ingolsson and his ship the Enkidu.  We are not entirely sure where they have come from, but what is known that they made a tidy profit with a large consignment of Consumer Electronics sold on the Midgardium Market.  We salute your financial acumen Captain!

We are getting unconfirmed reports from Helheim of civil unrest; there is even talk of an assassination attempt against the ruler!  However, we have to stress that we do not as yet have our own correspondent there and no way of reliably confirming or verifying such reports.  One thing that does look to be true however, is the presence of the FreeTrader Challenger under Captain Flint, which seems to be currently docked at Helheim spaceport!

Finally this week, a very strange event indeed: the FreeTrader One True Photon took of from Halfdan, laden with food for the Hammer Station, but they obviously thought they were running late as just before they entered hyperspace they overworked their jump engines and hot jumped to Hyperspace!

Captain Minahachi Manekineko made a one word broadcast just before entering hyperspace, it was simply “Geronimo!”

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