3110•09 Week Two

Asteroid Criminals Ousted!!!

News is beginning to reach us of extraordinary events on the asteroid base known as Archie’s.  Details are sketchy as yet, but it seems that the base, which has long been a thorn in the side of the Federation administration, has finally been placed under the rule of law.  If what we are told is correct, then the previous ruler, the eponymous Archie, finally overstepped the mark by trading in Nuclear weapons.  With his previous crimes of allowing and participating in slavery already counting against him, the authorities had been searching of a way to get security personnel aboard the base to affect an arrest.  Time to step up, what to most of us would be the unlikeliest of heroes, Captain Conrad Quen of the FreeTrader Estelle.  Now as regular readers will be aware, there seems to be no love lost between Quen and the Federation.  That said, even the rebellious Quen recognised the danger that Archie posed to himself and other innocent parties and apparently put forward a plan to transport Federation Marines to Archie’s to affect an arrest of the criminal and to secure the facility for authorised administrators to take over governance.  Apparently, the brilliant but risky plan only failed in that Archie was not arrested.  He was seen to flee the Asteroid in a FreeTrader class vessel, believed to be the Messiah.  We can only fear the worst for its former Captain Saaron Rikord.  However, Captain Quen’s crew and their Marine passengers did manage, at considerable cost of life and damage to the Estelle, to stop the nuclear weapons getting away from the base.

As well as this remarkable achievement, it seems they have been holed up in a continuing confrontation with local criminal elements for this past week, whilst Marine reinforcements forced their way through to them.  Order has been restored we are told and we hope to send a reporter there in the very near future.

Elsewhere in the Nebula…

The early part of the week saw the Strontium Dog, under Captain Alpha’s command, setting out from Freedom1 again, having finally repaired all the damage recently suffered.  However, after the amount of partying the crew has done over the past few days, we would postulate that its not only the ship that has been suffering!

Funnily, at roughly the same time another ship decided to leave port, this time though it was the Botany Bay in the Thor system.  Given these two ships’ previous history we cannot help but wonder whether this is a coincidence or not, eespecially as neither captain filed a flight plan or schedule!

Meanwhile in the Freya System, things most defiantly did not go to plan for Captain Psi and the FreeTrader Colibri!  Having done some reportedly profitable business on Welcome Station, the FreeTrader took off to return to Thor with needed medical supplies and personnel.  However, as they tried to jump to hyperspace through the Thor gate, a wild surge of energy caused the gate to execute an emergency shut down stopping the jump.  This in turn caused damage to the Colibri’s jump engines, which it then spent the remainder of the week repairing, from what we hear they are all set to go again, but one must really wonder whether hyperspace travel is worth it currently.

Certainly one Captain didn’t think so.  Captain Cobb of the FreeTrader Serendipity followed Colibri to the jump gate and having seen her difficulties also attempted to jump out of the system.  However, the Serendipity was better prepared thanks to the Colibri and whilst they managed to open the jump gate for a second or two, their sensors told them that to proceed was just far too dangerous!  As a result, the Serendipity returned to Welcome Station where the crew kicked their heels in enforced inaction.

Another quiet week was also what seemed on the cards for the crew of the FreeTrader Enkidu, after her Captain, Gunnar Ingolsson, accepted a contract to deliver farming equipment to the planet Halfdan.  Enquiries show that was exactly the flight plan that was filed by the good captain before he departed Midgardium.

And finally… 

Whilst we know the FreeTrader, Second Chance has been docked on Nibelung all week, it is unclear as to what Captain Issacs has been up too?  Rumours abound that he has taken it upon himself to look into the many cases of disappearing crew that have occurred there over the past few months.  We will have to wait and see though whether this is in fact the case….

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