3110•09 Week Three

Birth of a Wormhole…

Reports are coming in that the violent hyperspace storms we have been experiencing over the last few weeks have finally dissipated and that an interstellar wormhole has been formed. However as yet we have no confirmed reports as to where the wormhole starts or ends. We don’t even know whether it is stable or just as likely to break up and repeat the events all over again. However Reports coming in from the Thor system suggest that it may have anchored one end somewhere in that system as slight orbital changes have been reported form more then one planetary body. This is assumed to be because of the system compensating for this new gravitational factor.

Obviously this is an item of immense importance and interest and we shall do our best to bring you the latest information the moment we have it.

Elsewhere in the Nebula…

A late arrival at Freedom1 this week was Captain Flint and the Challenger, it arrived limping into port on reduced thrust from the Balder system. By all accounts Captain Flint is reported to have said that the “passage was tough but nothing his ship couldn’t handle!”

Our attempts to get a reporter to Archie’s newly conquered asteroid Base have been frustrated by the authorities refusing travel permission. This they claim is because of the state it has been left in and that it is still a dangerous place. So dangerous in fact that Martial Law is in force. We also know that Captain Quen and the Estelle are also rumoured to be still there so we look forward to hearing from them in the future as to exactly what part they played in the events there?

Also in the Midgard system, we have heard reports that the Enkidu has been spotted at the new spaceport under construction on Halfdan, if what our source says is true, and we have no reason to doubt them, Captain Ingolsson and his crew stopped there after completing a contract to one of the out-laying farming communities that are beginning to establish themselves on Halfdan.

Concerns are growing for Captain Nathan Cobb and the crew of Serendipity following an incident when they tried to jump to Midgard from Freya. Having watched the FreeTrader Colibri safely jump through the Thor Jump gate the good Captain tried to do the same to Midgard. However at the critical point as the ship crossed the event threshold a tremendous power spike was seen to strike the ship and it started to tumble before disappearing from sight into the hostile regions of hyperspace. We are sure all our readers wish the crew well and rest assured we will let you know the moment we have news….

Finally a small footnote, the FreeTrader Second Chance took off suddenly from Nibelung with little warning and leaving no point of destination behind them. We can’t help but wonder what would have prompted such a move and look forward to hearing from them more in the future.

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