3110•09 Week Four

End of the Mercy Missions in Sight.

Another FreeTrader with a view towards fast visits is the FreeTrader Nova Storm. The ever-ready vessel of good will arrived at Welcome Station and unloaded a full compliment of wounded from Thor and a cargo hold full of coffins with full military honours accorded to the fallen of course. It is believed this is the last such delivery expected at Welcome Station and to ensure that doesn’t change, another compliment of medical supplies and staff was loaded onto the Nova Storm whereupon she promptly took off on her return to Hammer Station.

Running a little ahead of the Nova Storm is the FreeTrader Colibri under the command of Captain Psi. We are pleased to report not only on their safe arrival at Hammer Station but their delivery of much needed medical supplies and medical staff.


Elsewhere in the Nebula.

Whilst we are still frustrated at our inability to get a reporter onto the Asteroid base formerly known as Archie’s we have been able to contact some of the residents to learn their stories of the recent change of governor. It would appear that at least for the moment Governor Adams Personal Assistant Waylon Smithers, has been tasked with taking charge there and it is intimated by some that he is relying heavily on the opinion of Captain Quen who still remains there following his part in the events.

Apparently the hottest topic of conversation amongst the citizens is what their home is going to be called now as even the sore losers realise that it is completely inappropriate to continue to call the base “Archie’s”!

With all these dramatic events going on it is nice to report that at least one captain is keeping the trading going! Captain Ingolsson and the Enkidu left Halfdan early this week and travelled to Midgardium where they were seen partakin some good honest trading!

A late arrival at Freedom 1 this week was the FreeTrader Serendipity. By all accounts it experienced difficulties in Hyperspace that saw it arrive in the Midgard system through the Loki gate despite having actually left from Freya system. But to be fair we have no idea whether this was affected by the recent hyperspace storm?

Finally rumours abound on Freedom 1 about Captain Flint of the FreeTrader Challenger who has been seen re-equipping his ship and getting on the good side of his crew. Nothing unusual in that you might think but when he then starts having private meetings with Governor Adams, currently a very busy man indeed then people sit up and take note. Obviously it might be something as boring as a private trading contract or alternatively something else far more Machiavellian?

Only time will tell so as the saying goes,

Watch this space……..

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